22" High-Definition Touchscreen Monitor
Touchscreen mointors are standard. Don't be fooled by other's who offer you "arcade-style" buttons. This isn't 1990!

Digital SLR Camera
Our 18 megapixel camera provides crystal clear images with its large sensor. It's also capable of recording HD videos that we include in our packges at no extra cost. Don't get this confused with "Stop-Motion HD" that other companies offer. Stop-Motion is a series of PICTURES made into a slideshow. We offer REAL video recording where guests can leave personal messages.

Professional Dye Sublimation Photo Printer
Sounds fancy huh? Our printer is one of the best printers available on the market. It prints sharp photos and fast too!

Dedicated Flash and Hot Lights
Our system is equipped with a flash unit for the "stills" and a seperate unit made specifically for video messages. This is the right way to do it. We strive for quality and have know what it takes to get it.

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